WTF – late for education, pretends to be kidnapped by foreigners

Guillermo Marino motivated a delay in the education of the Universidad de Chile with a special boast …

In an interview with the YouTube channel Leo Burgueño, Gustavo Lorenzetti, 35-year-old Argentine striker, shared how one of his former teammates justified a training delay.

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He is the former Argentinian footballer, former Argentine footballer, now 39 years old.

The pair developed at the time (2011-2012) at the Universidad de Chile. After missing the start of a training session, Marino promised to come across foreigners on the road.

“He began to explain that he had suddenly lost himself and that he had been kidnapped by foreigners. He said his soul had been taken from him, that it had been analyzed and that they had looked after him during the trip. He said something similar,” Gustavo said Lorenzetti, who said Marino seemed credible.

“I thought so, by the way, he told me. If you know him, you know he’s a serious person. He’s not the type who will be late somewhere, he’s very. He reads books about it, so I have nothing other choice than believing in it. “

The truth is somewhere else.