AS Monaco – Jardim, Vasilyev … Rybolovlev empties the bag

The great head of AS Monaco has reversed his decision to divorce Leonardo Jardim and Vadim Vasilyev.

Champions in France and Champions League semi-finalist during the 2016-2017 season, AS Monaco has known great difficulties since this enchanted season, whether on the field or behind the scenes. The four-service club lost its best elements after the title of champion in France with the departures of Kylian Mbappé, Bernardo Silva, Thomas Lemar, Benjamin Mendy and many others. Even Vadim Vasilyev and Leonardo Jardim did not survive with time.

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Dmitri Rybolovlev’s right-hand man, Vadim Vasilyev left the club after the nightmare season in AS Monaco, where the club avoided narrow maintenance after replacing the coach twice. Since then, the former vice president of AS Monaco has become a player agent. But despite his departure and Oleg Petrov’s arrival, AS Monaco’s management has not improved much, and Leonardo Jardim has left the club again.

Rybolovlev assumes for Jardim

In an interview with Nice Matin, Dmitri Rybolovlev returned to the complicated moment when he had to divorce his trusted husband, Vadim Vasilyev: “The most painful moment was the decision to thank Vadim Vasilyev. Of course, Vadim did a lot for AS Monaco. When he was on the scene the club was very successful. It was our shared success. Then he made serious mistakes when he runs the club.”

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The origin of Vadim Vasilyev’s departure is particularly linked to the return of Leonardo Jardim. The former vice president of AS Monaco had decided to differentiate from the Portuguese coach who led the club to the title and elected Thierry Henry to succeed him. But the 1998 world champion failed to raise the bar. Dmitri Rybolovlev therefore decided to try his trusted husband and get Leonardo Jardim back on January 25, 2019, three months after his departure. The Portuguese were dismissed again in the fall of 2019.

Dmitri Rybolovlev has no regrets about returning Leonardo Jardim: “I continue to believe that my decision to withdraw Leonardo Jardim was right. I am grateful to him for accepting the offer to return and save the club from relegation. The short-term goal is to stay in Ligue 1, he was reached. The circumstances meant he was not went further … I will always be grateful to him for this return and for all that he has done at the club. “