Borussia Dortmund-Mainz 0-2, BvB loses at home

After the coronation of Bayern, Borussia Dortmund got Mainz on assignment from the Bundesliga 32nd day, with a defeat in the end.

Dortmund really had a bit of a hangover after the coronation of Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga on Wednesday night. The Borussen The debates certainly dominated in the first period on Wednesday night, but it was Mainz who opened the point.

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In fact, at the half-hour mark, Mateta uses a good deviation against Baku, Burkardt puts a head that hits the latter. Bürki can do nothing. 0-1. This is also the point at rest.

Mainz also starts on the right foot in the second half with an immediate goal. The 48th minute guests receive a penalty. Jean-Philippe Mateta adjusts Roman Bürki to 2-0.

BvB tries to react and a quarter of an hour from the end makes Achraf Hakimi a nice free kick from twenty meters out. Müller was still vigilant in his cages.

Nothing will be highlighted anymore in this meeting, and BvB drops at home after the coronation of Bavaria. Dortmund will therefore play second place the next day on the pitch for RB Leipzig.