Coronavirus in Africa: more than 200,000 confirmed cases, almost 7,000 dead to be lamented

This worrying figure on the continent: More than 200,000 cases of Covid-19 confirmed. The virus has killed nearly 7,000 people on the continent, an assessment by the African Center for Disease Prevention and Control. The countries most affected by the pandemic are South Africa and Egypt. Dr. Michel Yao, WHO’s Emergency Operations Manager in Africa, is a guest in this magazine.

In the remainder of this edition, the non-governmental organization Amnesty International is supporting President Tshisekedi on his broken promises. Especially those made to the victims of police repression in recent years by the Joseph Kabila regime. After nine months in the presidency, he said he did not want to “move in the past”.

And then at the end of this paper we will go to Rwanda to meet the Burundian refugees who had fled the Pierre Nkurunziza regime. Since the election of a new president, Paul Kagame, and the death of the former head of state, some are considering returning to the country.