France has recently condemned “extremely aggressive” Turkish maneuvering in the Mediterranean

An “extremely aggressive” measure by Turkish vessels was carried out against a French vessel in the Mediterranean, according to Paris. Defense Minister Florence Parly plans to “put the dots on” during a NATO meeting.

A French ship participating in a NATO mission in the Mediterranean has recently been subjected to an “extremely aggressive” maneuver by Turkish frigates, according to the French Ministry of Defense, which intends to condemn this “very serious” behavior, Wednesday, June 17, during a alliance meeting.

While the French frigate attempted to identify a cargo ship suspected of carrying weapons into Libya, “Turkish frigates” intervene and shed light on Courbet three times with its fire control radar “, which is” an extremely aggressive act “, the Ministry of the Armed Forces described shortly before a video conference by defense ministers for the Atlantic Alliance.

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“This case is very serious in our eyes (…). We cannot accept that an ally behaves like this, doing so against a NATO ship under NATO command leading a NATO mission,” Paris warned during the time for this meeting on “the Turkish attitude to the Libyan conflict”, while warning that the Minister of the Army Florence Parly would “put the points in”.

“These norias with boats between Turkey and Misrata, sometimes accompanied by Turkish frigates, do not contribute to the shelling,” the ministry emphasized, condemning the Turkish buildings “using NATO codes” to identify themselves during his escort missions.

Critics rejected by Ankara

The tone continues to rise between Paris and Ankara in recent days. On Monday, head of French diplomacy, Jean-Yves Le Drian, condemned “Turkey’s growing military support” to the Libyan Union Government (GNA), in “direct violation of the UN embargo”. The day before, the French Presidency had already condemned Ankaras’ “unacceptable” interventionism.

Turkey has rejected this criticism of its armed support for the Tripoli government in Libya and accused Paris in turn of “hindering the peace” by supporting the opposite camp.

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In Libya, Ankara actually supports the military GNA in Fayez al-Sarraj, recognized by the United Nations, against the dissident forces of Marshal Khalifa Haftar, the strong man in the east who is particularly supported by Russia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

Although France publicly denies it, it is also accused of supporting Haftar, who was recently hit by major defeats on the ground.

Libya has been plagued by chaos since the fall of the Gaddafi regime in 2011. Since April 2019, the conflict has left hundreds of people dead, including many civilians, and forced more than 200,000 people to flee their homes.

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