Guardiola congratulates Rashford and Sterling for their commitment

The Manchester City coach says he admires the English stars for using their reputation to make a positive impact on society.

Pep Guardiola says he admires Marcus Rashford and Raheem Sterling for their positive impact on society and believes that only “stupid people” think footballers should have no opinion. Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford managed to convince the British government to change its decision and provide free meals to vulnerable children during the school weekend following the Covid-19 pandemic.

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At the same time, colleague Raheem Sterling expressed his support for the anti-racism protests spread to the United States and Europe after George Floyd’s death in police custody in the United States. The two players were praised for using their status and advocating for a good cause and the Manchester City coach avenged people who insist on sticking to the sport.

“Because maybe these stupid people don’t think you’re human either“said Guardiola from the critics before City’s first three-month match against Arsenal on Wednesday night. “We may have an opinion that is identical to a nurse, a doctor or even a politician. What we are, we are people and why should we not say our opinion when you think you can make a better society when you are public.

“They want a better place for future generations”

“What Raheem Sterling has done repeatedly, the players in our club, Marcus Rashford or anyone, of course, they have to use these platforms to make a better society. does it to have a better place to live, for their families, for our children, for generations to come. So that’s always why when people say it’s not enough, it’s not, of course, but let’s start there. really these kind of gestures because they do it for all of us “, the Spaniard added.

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Football players have been generous in donating and helping communities affected by Coronavirus. Guardiola is one of them, the Manchester City coach has donated one million euros to help buy medical supplies at his home in Catalonia. Although the matches take place behind closed doors, it is hoped that the return of football will help boost morale in the UK, which has been hit hard by the virus with more than 40,000 deaths.

“I would also like to say how happy I am for all the Premier League clubs that have not asked the government for money. In Spain, this has not happened. Everything we can do for these people, we must do it, but not just with applause, without good deeds, because maybe it will come back and at that time they can be safer and better protected to do their jobs better and save our lives like I did. Made a big compliment Thank you so much I will never forget what the NHS and health workers around the world have done to keep us safe, work under incredibly difficult circumstances and situations to make our lives safer “, concluded Pep Guardiola about the crisis.