Nancy Murillo, Colombian artist inspired by the Covid-19 crisis

Painter, singer … Living in Paris, Colombian Nancy Murillo has succeeded, despite the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, to continue to create and earn her living.

“You have to ask yourself the question of how you can continue to be an artist, to dance, sing and live from your art.” Nancy Murillo, a Colombian artist, is a singer, but also painter and designer of objects. The artist settled in the 19th district of Paris and knew how to continue creating, despite the health crisis caused by Covid-19. Even better, the pandemic inspired it.

In particular, Nancy Murillo painted a work entitled “Covid-19, the Last Dinner,” which reflects the fears and uncertainties of the time. “What I have come out of as a reflection of this whole period is unity,” she told France 24.

In order to generate money, the artist works on creating quick pieces that she sells for less. In fact, he has to constantly find solutions in order to continue living from his art. Since the closing, the absence of being able to organize concerts, the singer is especially present in the parks. “Everything is good to wait,” she says, optimistic. “The scene is everywhere”.