Naples beats Juve and offers the Italian Cup!

Juve challenged Naples in the Italian Cup final on Wednesday night and it was the Partenopei who imposed penalties.

Juve met Naples in the Italian Cup final in Rome, behind closed doors, on Wednesday night and like Cristiano Ronaldo the Turks were not very sharp.

In the 24th minute the warning shot of Naples shot. Insigne hits Buffon’s right post on a free kick. The Piedmont porter seemed to be beaten directly.

The experienced Italian porter is called again shortly before rest and must make an excellent parade to the right of a new attempt by Insigne. 0-0, the score at the break.

And in the second half, Buffon will remain the most visible Juve player, especially signing a sublime double pair at the end of the game against Maksimovic, then Elmas.

But it was written that this final would be played in the penalty lottery. And in this exercise, the men from Gattuso were the most brilliant. Partenopei therefore won and won Coppa Italia against Juve de Cr7.