Trump adopts law punishing Beijing for breaking down Uighurs

The US president signed a congressional proposal on Wednesday calling for sanctions against China’s dismantling of the Uighur Muslim minority in Xinjiang province, which could damage relations with Beijing.

After placing 28 Chinese governments and commercial organizations on a blacklist, the United States continues to punish Beijing for its degradation of Uighur Muslims. US President Donald Trump on Wednesday issued a law to punish Chinese officials accused of “interning” the masses of this minority.

It had been adopted on May 27 by an overwhelming majority of the House of Representatives, after unanimously passing the Senate meeting a few days earlier.

“This law holds responsible for human rights abusers and abusers as systematic use of indoctrination camps, forced labor and intrusive surveillance to eradicate Uyghurs and other ethnic identities and religious beliefs minorities in China,” he said in a statement.

China denies all ill-treatment and claims that the camps offer vocational training. In December, during a first vote on this law, Beijing had promised to “pay the price” in Washington.

This law then risks further aggravating relations that have already strained to the utmost between the first two world powers, while the head of US diplomacy Mike Pompeo meets in Hawaii high-ranking Chinese official Yang Jiechi, precisely to expel these tensions.

Uncritical for concentration camps, according to Bolton’s book

The bill repeats allegations already made by the US administration as by other Western countries and international human rights organizations.

Namely, the Chinese government has done “serious human rights violations” in the northwestern Xinjiang region by establishing “surveillance and mass incursions of more than a million Uighurs and members of Kazakh or Kyrgyzstan ethnic groups or other Muslim minorities.

Randomly on the calendar, the US President signed this law the day the press released large extracts from the former National Security Advisor, John Bolton, explosive book. According to these excerpts, the Republican billionaire has not always been critical of Chinese repression.

“At the inaugural dinner at the G20 summit in Osaka in June 2019, only in the presence of interpreters, Xi had explained to Trump why he largely built concentration camps in Xinjiang,” John Bolton writes in this book to appear Tuesday. “According to our interpreter, Donald Trump said that Xi should continue to build these camps, which Trump thought was exactly the right thing to do.”

With AFP and Reuters