In his book, Bolton accuses Trump of asking Beijing for help in his re-election

Former national security adviser Donald Trum says the US president has asked for help from his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping for the November election, according to excerpts from his press release Wednesday in the press.

When the White House tries to block the publication of John Bolton’s book, explosive extracts were released to the press on Wednesday, June 17. In the latter, the former national security adviser to Donald Trump accuses the US president of seeking help from China to win his re-election in November.

It says Donald Trump on the sidelines of a G20 summit in Osaka, in June 2019, “diverted” the conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping “to the next presidential election” by asking Xi “to make sure he wins,” according to extracts published simultaneously by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Washington Post.

During this meeting, the US President emphasized the importance of peasants and the increase in Chinese soybean and wheat purchases on the outcome of the election, “wrote in his memoirs this Republican hawk, hostile to multilateralism and eager to go to war.

“Trump’s conversations with Xi reflect not only the inconsistencies in his trade policy, but also the link in Trump’s mind between his own political interests and the US national interest,” said John Bolton, a former national security adviser. from April 2018 to September 2019.

This conversation between Donald Trump and “countless others” confirmed “basic unacceptable behavior that is hampering the legitimacy of the presidency,” he accuses.

An exploding foreign policy

John Bolton, a figure in American politics, describes embarrassing exchanges between Donald Trump and foreign leaders.

Thus, in a section of the book, John Bolton elicits the dismissal proceeding initiated by the US Congress of Democrats against Donald Trump in late 2019: if they “had not been so obsessed” with the Ukrainian business and had taken into account much of foreign policy; the result “could have been very different”.

However, he refused to testify in the House of Representatives with a Democratic majority. But early excerpts from his memoirs broke out in the January proceeding. The US president had been cleared by the Senate with a Republican majority.

According to the Washington Post, John Bolt was worried about Justice Minister Bill Barr “for Trump’s willingness to provide services to autocrats, including” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The Trump administration’s officials, according to the former adviser, wavered between deep concern and mockery. In a word that went to John Bolton during the historic summit between Donald Trump and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un 2018, Mike Pompeo reportedly wrote: “He just tells you bullshit.”

Indignation by Joe Biden

Matthieu MABIN: Bolton’s book is a “long litany of what opposes him to Trump”

According to these allegations, “Donald Trump is guilty on multiple occasions of the abuse of power,” concludes Matthieu Mabin, Washington correspondent from France 24. He adds that it is “unthinkable that all of these files should be investigated before the end of the presidential campaign.”

His opponents were quick to respond to these extracts. “If these words are proven, this is not only disgusting morally, but it is also a violation of Donald Trump’s sacred duty toward Americans,” Joe Biden, former US vice president, said in a statement.

“Why has he repeatedly praised the Chinese government and President Xi while spreading the corona virus? Because he wanted to be able to talk about a trade agreement with China during his reelection campaign,” is particularly annoyed Joe Biden.

Alarmed but also sometimes scornful at his way of handling international relations, supports the Trump administration’s heavy weights, including his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo or John Bolton, who is considered to be the Washington Post.

These leaks come the day after the Trump administration’s legal action was announced to try to block the planned release on June 23 of “The Room Where It Happened, A White House Memoir,” catapulted to top sales on the Amazon website.

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