New rocket attack targets Green Zone in Baghdad

For the fifth time in ten days, rockets fell on Thursday in the green zone of Baghdad (Iraq), where the US embassy is located. These shots have not yet been claimed.

It is the fifth attack in ten days. Rockets struck again, early on Thursday, June 18, the Green Zone of Baghdad, Iraq, where the US Embassy is located, reported a source of security in this ultra-safe district, reported to Agence France Presse (AFP).

AFP journalists heard at least three explosions followed by the sound of sirens installed in the green zone. No injuries or injuries have been reported immediately. Like the previous ones, these shots did not happen, although Washington points its finger at pro-Iran.

This is the second attack since June 8 near the US Embassy. Other rocket attacks twice targeted Baghdad Airport, which is currently closed due to Covid-19 and where US soldiers are stationed, as well as a base north of the capital, Taji, which also houses troops from Washington.

At least 32 attacks have targeted U.S. soldiers or diplomats in Iraq since October 2019.

A takeover that coincides with the launch of a “strategic dialogue”

Tensions between Washington and Tehran, sworn enemies seeking influence in Iraq, have escalated in recent months with the assassination in early January of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani and his Iraqi lieutenant in Baghdad almost resulted in open conflict.

Since then, Iraq has adopted a new government, said to be more pro-American, and rocket weapons – which have killed three Americans and one Briton in recent months – have seen a calm.

The recent resumption of the fire coincides with the June 11 launch of a “strategic dialogue” that is intended to redefine Baghdad-Washington cooperation, but experts say do not expect great results.

US soldiers, who numbered 5,200 last year before hundreds were withdrawn because of rockets and Covid-19, are facing a deportation decision by the Iraqi parliament, but never implemented by the government.

With AFP