Ronaldo: “The one who looks the most to me is Mbappé and of course I would sign it”

Ronaldo Nazario responded to the media at an event organized by Banco Santander where he reviewed football news.

Banco Santander organized an event after UEFA announced the new format for the Champions League and Europa League, for this reason Ronaldo Nazário was ambassador to the football world for Banco Santander and Juan Manuel Cendoya, Vice President of Santander Spain and Head of Communications, Corporate Marketing and Studies for Banco Santander, responded to more than 50 accredited media.

Real Madrid, Zidane “appreciates the format” of the Champions League

Ronaldo Nazário explained it “Football is of great importance in people’s social lives and with a growing seriousness. The perfect answer is that football returns to this new normal. Spanish was very good, the people who respected internment and are very important. People want to see the champions, we were threatened without completing the champions and without missing a champion. It will be exciting, the team will not have a second chance and the team that risks the most will win and it will be fair“The Brazilian then swept the news of football.

Mbappé, the transfer he would make

When asked about the player who reminds him the most and who he would sign for Valladolid if he had the Real Madrid budget, the 2002 World Cup was more than clear: “I would sign Mbappé that reminds me the most when I was a player. “

Pelé and Maradona in front of Messi and Cristiano

When Ronaldo was asked to make a Top5 among Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Pelé, Maradona and himself, the Brazilian got wet: “For me in the ranking of the best in history, the four names you suggest would be “Pelé, Maradona, Messi and Cristiano, this is my top 4 in football history“Inter and Barça’s former center-forward, therefore, refused to voluntarily rank among these players, while revealing his preferences among the best in history.

Naples comes in shape, but Barça are favorites

When asked about the three matches for the Italian teams in the Spanish Champions League and Europa League, he said: “They will all be very difficult matches, Napoli after winning Coppa Italia against Juventus will be very strong, but they will find Barcelona without their audience but with the quality it has. I do not see very clearly, although it is normal, that Barcelona does not go into quarters. When it comes to Inter-Getafe, it will be very difficult, Inter has a better chance of being the winner of the round and when it comes to Sevilla-Roma I don’t really know who can win the victory.

Real Madrid “happy” with Hakimi’s progress but Zidane offers no guarantees for the future

“Lautaro is already in a good team, the market will change”

About the future of Lautaro and his possible signing in Barcelona:“Lautaro Martínez is a very good striker and he is part of a fantastic team like Inter, it seems that the market will change. As far as Mateus is concerned, he has adapted well with us, he will certainly have a few minutes even if he will return to Barcelona, ​​but I wish him luck. “

Haaland is a fantastic player, but Madrid has Benzema

As for the press time for the press, Ronaldo was asked by Haaland, to which Rivaldo compared him and the Brazilian replied: “” Haaland is a fantastic player, he is still young and had a pretty good year with many goals, we will see how he will finish. The big teams will surely look, but Real Madrid have good players, like Benzema who scores every Sunday. “

Werner at Chelsea? Madrid and Barça cannot sign everyone

As for Chelsea’s early signing of Timo Werner and if Madrid and Barça missed a golden opportunity, he replied that “inI haven’t seen this player even though I watch a lot of football, but when he leaves a high budget that my team hasn’t set, I can’t comment. Real Madrid and Barcelona cannot sign everyone “.

Vinicius, Rodrygo or Joao Félix

On the question of young people in La Liga who are struggling he answered it “Everyone should play and will contribute at the end of the season. Brazilians like Vinicius, Rodrygo … will play an important role for Brazil in the future, they must continue to show their values ​​even if they are not undeniable in Madrid”.