six members of the Chechen group were arrested

After a weekend of incidents between rival gangs, police announced on Thursday that they had arrested six people from the Chechen community.

The police allowed the Chechens to be arrested in Dijon after they were accused of being slack, the police arrested them as part of an investigation into the punitive Chechen expeditions to the city.

Six police detention began Thursday, June 18, said in a statement EricMathais, prosecutor in Dijon, and without geographical details allowed searches to be conducted “in multiple cities”.


“They are intended to verify the first parts of the investigation,” specifically opened to attempted murder in an organized gang, association of criminals and participation in an armed group, according to EricMathais.

From sources close to the investigation, it is specified that the arrests were carried out early on Thursday morning by RAID and BRI in Dijon, Dole, Troyes, Saint-Etienne and Saverne, near Strasbourg. A police operation also took place in Besançon, but it did not lead to any arrests.

Those arrested are people already known to the police, including, according to concordant sources, a man suspected of being behind the call for criminal defense on social networks. The exact role of the suspects in this case remains to be clarified.

An investigation had been entrusted with the judicial police and city security, after the four nights of violence, from Friday to Monday night in Dijon, occurred around a series of attacks by Chechens who wanted to avenge the aggression of one of them.

The investigation “is intended to understand how the various crimes committed may have been caused or organized, to identify the perpetrators and take appropriate action,” the prosecutor said.

Violence and Fury in Dijon

The reprisals had been launched after the attack, on Wednesday, June 10 in Dijon, by a teenager from this community. According to the participants in the criminal expeditions, the attackers are dealers of North African origin who live in the sensitive district of Grésilles in Dijon.

The raids had gathered up to several hundred people, armed with iron bars and baseball bats, causing excitement in a city not used to this type of power show. The Chechens had first, Friday night, looted a hookah in the center where the teenager was allegedly beaten before going Saturday, Sunday and Sunday evening to the Grésilles district to look for attackers.

The accusations of laxity were launched by some politicians and the residents of Les Grésilles, shocked to note the non-intervention of the police, which did not intervene due to lack of sufficient staff according to them.

They want to “defend themselves,” they say, residents of this predominantly Maghreb neighborhood on Monday night erected barricades with burnt out garbage, a power show that threw the area into a climate of urban violence that Dijon is little used to.

Call for calm

Tranquility has returned since then and the Chechen father of the affected teenager asked for an end to the abuse.

As part of the investigation into the events on Monday night, four people were arrested. Three of them were released on Wednesday, according to the prosecutor. The fourth, a 32-year-old man with no criminal record, was fined 90 days to € 5 and a ban on holding or carrying a weapon for five years.

Prosecutor Eric Mathais on Wednesday announced that investigations continued “to identify participants” in the violence in the city that shook Grésilles but also Chenôve, in Dijon’s southwest suburbs, where 18 vehicles were burned Monday night.

With AFP