UEFA, Ceferin tackles LFP: “The decision to stop Ligue 1 was taken too early”

The UEFA president regretted the decision not to resume Ligue 1 and talked about the implications for PSG in C1.

UEFA has raised the final doubts about the future and the end of the Champions League on Wednesday. The long-awaited meeting on June 17 to decide on the formula, recovery plans and dates of the European competitions finally took place and reaffirmed the latest trends: a final 8 in Lisbon on dry matches from the quarter-finals to ” at the end of the C1 and C3 competitions. Aleksander Ceferin then went to the UEFA Auditorium to answer questions from journalists.

OFFICIAL – UEFA unveils dates and plans for the Champions League

Obviously, with the Coronavirus pandemic, there were several hot topics on the table. The European Championships have been resumed gradually, but not all. French clubs will not play again this season, except the Cup final and European competitions. French football leaders quickly made the decision to end the 2019-2020 season. A moment of bitter regret by UEFA President.

“An advantage or a disadvantage? You have to ask PSG”

“First is the decision not to resume the championship of the LFP and FFF, but also of the French government. My personal opinion is that the decision was taken too soon.”, launched Aleksander Ceferin. The UEFA boss had on several occasions said that he wanted the federations to do their utmost so that the season and the national competitions could come to an end and left them until August 3 to finish everything.

PSG, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi: “This unique formula for C1 will be exciting”

The UEFA president has since kicked the sidelines regarding a possible disadvantage for French clubs, including the PSG in the Champions League, given that France is the only major championship that has not resumed: “If an advantage or disadvantage for PSG in the Champions League, we have to question PSG. For me, this season is very special, it will end in a new way, so it’s hard to know which will be an advantage or a disadvantage. “

One thing is for sure, PSG now knows what day it will play its quarterfinals in the Champions League. Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, seduced by the format of the competition, stressed the importance of preparing for the best for his team, even though they will only play two official matches, the cup final, before facing one of the eight best European teams. Lyon, for his part, does not yet know whether the return match against Juventus will take place in Turin or Lisbon.