Waiting times in front of hospitals in Beijing after new cases of Covid-19

In Beijing, thousands of residents have stood in front of hospitals since June 13 to take the Covid-19 test following a re-emergence of cases in the Chinese capital. Since last week, 158 new positive cases have been identified. China said Thursday, June 18, that the epidemic was under control, but many are afraid of a second wave, when Covid-19 has already done more than 4000 dead in the country.In these two videos posted on Youtube and Twitter on June 14, hundreds of citizens queue outside Youan Hospital in northern Beijing. In the first video, a man films the long line that was formed outside the hospital: “The line is about 500 meters long. I arrived quite early. I got a number. Takes about three minutes to test a person. I have the number 700, so I have to still wait 4 hours. “Since Saturday, June 13, more than 350,000 residents have passed the Covid-19 test, following a resurgence of cases in Beijing, which has 21 million residents.

In this video, filmed on June 16 in front of a hospital in Dongdan district in eastern Beijing, a woman is surprised in Chinese by the number of people waiting to be tested.

The government has also set up massive testing programs, especially in Guanganmen and Xuanwu stadiums in southern Beijing. Citizens recently visited the Xifandi market, where the authorities found the corona virus, got a call asking them to come and take the Covid-19 test.

Beijing residents are awaiting tests at Guanganmen Stadium in southern Beijing on June 14.

“These are people who went to the Xinfadi market,” said the man filming the queue at Beijing’s Xuanwu Stadium for the coronavirus test. This video was posted on Twitter on June 14th. Xinfadi’s food market is believed to be behind several of the 158 Covid-19 pollutants identified in Beijing this week.

Some hospitals have created meetings by phone to avoid the crowd, but some residents complain about the lack of physical distance in front of hospitals, such as this surfer from Weibo (the equivalent of Chinese Twitter), who came to be tested at Beijing’s hospital.

“Nobody organizes, people are so close to each other!”, Annoyed this surfer on Weibo, June 15.