a new mobilization day in Bamako to demand the departure of President Keïta

A second major demonstration, following June 5, calling on President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta to leave power took place on Friday in Bamako, Mali’s capital.

Several tens of thousands of people gathered in Bamako’s city center on Friday, June 19, to demand the resignation of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, in a talk about a spirited coalition formed in recent weeks against the head of state, AFP reporters found.

This is the second major demonstration in two weeks against the Malian president, nicknamed “IBK”, after the one who had already gathered tens of thousands of people on June 5 in the Malian capital and gave his name to the dispute, “June 5 movement – Rally of Patriotic Forces ”(M5-RFP).

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After a prayer led by an imam at Independence Square, the national anthem sounded, then the vuvuzela swing took over, while the protesters carried signs that included the words “IBK cleans up” or “The dictatorship will not pass”.

No count of protesters was available from police and organizers, but the gathering seems at least as large as June 5, according to AFP correspondents.

A rigorous and patriotic imam at the head

As a sign of growing political tensions in Mali in recent weeks, this movement expresses the agony driven by the thousands of victims in recent years of jihadist attacks and violence between the communities, the feeling of state powerlessness, economic downturn, public service and the school crisis and the perception of widespread corruption.

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At the forefront of the M5 RFP, which unites religious leaders and personalities from civil society as well as from the political world, stands a man of growing influence, Mahmoud Dicko, imam rigorist and patriot, former ally of President IBK now dumb black of power.

This new power show comes after a week of comprehensive talks that failed to relieve the tension.

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