Australia’s victims of a massive cyber attack, China suspects

Australia is the target of a huge cyber attack by a “state actor” targeting government, administrative and corporate computer systems, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Friday. Local media suspect Beijing.

Australia is reportedly the target of a massive cyber attack. A large number of institutions have been the target for several months of hacking attempts by a “government-funded actor” who recently stepped up their attacks, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Friday.

“We know this is hacking from a sophisticated state actor given the scale and nature of the attacks” – state institutions, political organizations, key service providers and key infrastructure operators – said Scott Morrison at a press conference in Canberra.

Few states can do such attacks

Without encroaching on a country by name, the Australian Prime Minister made it clear that the states that were likely to launch such attacks were not so many.

According to local media, the list of suspects with expertise in this area, outside the Western countries, is reduced to China, North Korea, Iran, Israel and Russia. These media suspect China, which in May imposed penalties for some Australian exports.

The Morrison government had annoyed Beijing by demanding an independent international investigation into the origin of the coronavirus pandemic and by condemning aggressive and dishonest Chinese diplomacy.

China responded by deterring its citizens from Australia as a destination for tourism and studies, by threatening other reprisals and by condemning an Australian to death for drug trafficking.

No massive data leak

Australian Defense Minister Linda Reynolds said there were no huge data breaches as a result of the attacks and urged companies and organizations to keep their IT security systems up to date.

The head of the Australian Cyber ​​Intelligence Agency stressed that the analyzes so far have not revealed any attempts to destroy or disrupt them following intrusion into target networks.

With Reuters and AFP