For Mike Pompeo, John Bolton is a “traitor who destroys America”

Mike Pompeo on Thursday bestowed “the lie” on John Bolton, the former Donald Trump adviser who publishes a vitriol book about the president. The author of the brochure especially condemns the maneuvers of Mike Pompeo, who publicly shows a fool-proof loyalty to the US president as he writes him behind his back.

John Bolton is just a “traitor” to Thursday’s highest US diplomat. On Thursday, June 18, Mike Pompeo voiced “the lies” of former Donald Trump adviser, who published a vitriol book against the US president. “It is both sad and dangerous that John Bolton’s last public role is a traitor who destroys America by violating the sacred trust that unites him with his people,” says MikePompeo.

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However, the US secretary of state does not specifically deny a passage from the book in which he himself once said in 2018, to the then national adviser to the president, that Donald Trump told “just bullshit” “I did not read the book, but according to the published excerpts, John Bolton many lies, whether it be half-coated truths or straight truths, “Mike Pompeo added.

“I was also in the room”

“To our friends around the world: you know that President Trump’s America is a positive force for the world,” he concluded in this brief statement, “I was also in the room,” with reference to the title of John Bolton’s book that will be published on Tuesday, “The RoomWhereItHappened” (the room where it happened).

In this work, of which large passages have been filtered in recent days, the ex-adviser who was laid off in September shows a Donald Trump ill-advised and obsessed with his re-election at the risk of endangering the United States.

Mike Pompeo critic of Donald Trump

John Bolton also tells how MikePompeo, who publicly displays a fool-proof loyalty to the Republican billionaire, has been criticized more than once behind his back.

According to this account, he particularly appreciated that the approach to North Korea’s approach that he has never ceased to defend officially had “no chance of success”.

And after listening to a presidential conversation on the same issue, he lets the book’s author “almost have had a heart attack” because of Donald Trump’s words.

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