Guy Verhofstadt: “A major European recovery plan is needed”

While holding a European Council on Friday, Guy Verhofstadt, MEP Renew (Belgium) and former Belgian Prime Minister were guests of Caroline de Camaret (France 24) and Sophie Malibeaux (RFI).

Guy Verhofstadt talks about the recovery plan for the European economy after the Covid-19 crisis. An agreement between the 27 has not yet been found, but it welcomes the European Commission’s proposal to fund this plan, not by collecting debts, but with resources outside the European Union, in particular with a tax on digital giants – GAFA – and on imports of products that are harmful to our environment.

When it comes to closing or reopening borders, he said that it should not be decided by the state but at EU level and in a coordinated way.

Guy Verhofstadt, who was finally asked about the issue of racism and the colonial past – and in particular the question of King Leopold II statues in Belgium – believes that politicians and Western states are obliged to acknowledge their faults and faults.

Presentation: Caroline de Camaret (France 24) and Sophie Malibeaux (RFI)

A program prepared by Isabelle Romero, Mathilde Bénézet and Perrine Desplats