hell trap “awarded at the One World Media Awards

Julie Dungelhoeff, Catherine Norris-Trentet’s report in Libya, Abdallah Malkawi received the award on Thursday for the best report on the refugee issue at the One World Media Awards 2020.

In their long report in Libya, France offers 24 journalists, Julie Dungelhoeff, Catherine Norris-TrentetAbdallah Malkawi, a throw in the chaos of the chaos between the violence in the clashes and the despair of migrants trying to escape at sea.

In particular, they followed a militia of Misrata whose members hold their position against the fighters who are loyal to Khalifa Haftar. A battle that stretches through the air with massive use of drones.

Our reporters also witnessed the offshore interception of 126 people who were forced into a makeshift boat by the Libyan coastguards. They followed them to the port of Tripoli until they were sent to the detention center. The center where the atrocities are legion.

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