Liverpool, Klopp facilitated the resumption of the championship

The Liverpool boss admitted he had feared for a period that the champion’s title would escape him and his protests.

The English Premier League has been resumed since last Wednesday and Liverpool are well on their way to being crowned champion, thirty years after its last coronation. The Reds only need two wins to make sure they stay in the first place.

Merseysiders are very happy to reopen, as they were at one time seriously concerned about the suspension of the championship. Jurgen Klopp recognized him at a press conference last Friday: “Honestly, yes. When we were tied, I didn’t think we were close to it for a second, because it didn’t matter then. But I got worried when people started talking about the white season. I felt it physically, it had been right , really hard. When the hypothesis was excluded, I felt pretty relieved. “

Liverpool resume the competition with a derby against their neighbor Everton. An opposition to Goodison Park and who will see Klopp find Carlo Ancelotti, whom he has already met twice this season but without succeeding in beating him.

A fanless derby doesn’t have the same taste as classic resistance to the sworn enemy, but Klopp has prepared for it. And he assured that his men will do anything to get the opportunity: “We have to use the circumstances, not suffer from it. That means there is a match between Everton and Liverpool, which is still a derby. I hope I can take advantage of it; that is the plan in fact, the hard work has never been a problem for us. But we have to make sure we really play the best football we can play again. Then everything will be good and we will see what we have to celebrate and how we can celebrate. “