Lu Shaye: “China does not want another cold war with the United States”

In an interview with France 24, Lu Shaye, the Chinese ambassador to France, talks about the tension between Beijing and Washington. He also talks about the prosecution in China against two Canadians who are accused of spying, about the situation in Hong Kong and about the re-emergence of Covid-19 cases in Beijing.

Chinese Ambassador to France Lu Shaye says that new wave of Covid-19 pollution in Beijing is now under control and illustrates, he says, the effectiveness of China’s strategy for dealing with the pandemic.

He also explains that China “does not want a cold war” with the United States, despite the attacks against its country. He notes that the threats of “decoupling” from the economies of the two countries manufactured by Donald Trump are not credible and that this would mean “shooting themselves in the foot”. According to him, China is ready to compromise with the United States, but also to defend itself against anti-Chinese campaigns.

When asked about two “spying” charges in China by China, the Chinese ambassador to France ensures that it is not an act of revenge in relation to the extradition proceeding in Canada against a director of Huawei, alleged by the United States.

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Finally, Lu Shaye denies that China is behind the cyberattacks that the Australian Prime Minister condemned this Friday, with his allegations without evidence. He also strongly criticizes the press release published by G7 on the new security law in Hong Kong, saying that “this is an intrusion into his country’s internal affairs. For him, this law does not mark the end of” one country, two systems “in Hong Kong.