Sevilla-Barça 0-0, Barcelona meets Sevilla

Size in La Liga on the 30th day this Friday. Sevilla FC got a Barça in difficulty and could not win.

While Real had pressed on Thursday with their success against Valencia (3-0), Barça made a difficult trip in Andalucia this Thursday night with a small event at the first whistle.

Griezmann really gave way to Braithwaite, while Suarez made his comeback as a 4-3-3 title player by Quique Sétien.

Benzema in shape at the best time for Zidane

However, Sevilla FC did not intend to play the sacrifices and from the 11th minute a strike from Koundé passed a few inches from Ter Stegen’s goal. 15 minutes later, Rakitic also made a big mistake from Sevilla goalkeeper Tomas Vaclik.

If Messi was dangerous with a free kick, Ocampos responded in the second half with a strong strike at the far end and put Ter Stegen to work. The former Marseille still stumbled upon the German doorman ten minutes from the end at a closed angle.

Barça dominates, but has difficulty moving forward against the opposing cages. Griezmann entered the game a quarter of an hour from the end. But the French will not succeed in changing the fate of the match. 0-0 final result, Sevilla makes a flower for Real Madrid by slowing down Barça.