Spanish justice determines Barça’s advantage against Neymar

A Barcelona court on Friday condemned PSG star striker Neymar to pay € 6.79 million to FC Barcelona, ​​his former club.

The end of the story between Neymar and Barça? In any case, the verdict announced on Friday, June 19 is a further obstacle to this case, poisoning relations between “Ney” and Barça since his resignation departure for Paris 2017.

Spanish justice dismissed the PSG attacker, who demanded € 43.6 million in un aggregated premiums and ordered him to pay € 6.79 million to his ex-club, which complicated the hypothesis of a Brazilian return to Barcelona.

The idea of ​​meeting Neymar in Catalonia has agitated every transfer market for three years, but the legal time is not the transfer window, and today the distance between the two main characters is increasing.

By suspending his Barcelona contract before the latter, Neymar “did not have the right to receive the sum” he asked for, and “will have to pay the club the perceived excess of the extension premium, for having terminated his contract without justification,” a court in Barcelona in its judgment on Friday.

At the time of the transfer to Paris for the record amount of € 222 million, Neymar had initiated proceedings to obtain Barça’s full payment of an extension premium of € 64.4 million before tax. but the court rejected his request on Friday.

Neymar but still near a return to Barça 2019

This case further complicates the scenario with a possible return of “Ney”, 28, to Barcelona, ​​where he stayed for four years (2013-2017) and won the Champions League in 2015.

During the summer of 2019, Barça had acknowledged an interest in bringing Neymar back to Catalonia and even finding an “oral agreement” with the player according to the press. But the Catalan leaders had failed to convince PSG.

Consequently, the withdrawal of Neymar’s complaint before Spanish justice, mentioned as a prerequisite for this “return operation” had not occurred, more than the complaint filed in response by Barça.

The Blaugrana club, which had already paid part of the bonus to the player (€ 20.75 million), hoped to recover the sum of this first payment and to also receive € 8.5 million in damages accompanied by interests.

Both parties had been heard by the Industrial Tribunal on September 27, and had since made their conclusions on October 21.

With PSG this summer in the Champions League

However, Barça, who welcomed in a statement the decision made on Friday, recalled that the attacker could appeal and that the club would continue “to defend with its real estate interests” before justice.

While the French Championship has definitely been halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the Champions League will not resume until August, the PSG superstar returned to France last Saturday, after spending almost three months at home in Brazil.

Still very much appreciated by his former teammates in the Barça changing room, the striker is preparing to find his Parisian teammates on Monday for a series of medical exams and physical tests that will start PSG’s wild summer. But will it still be there at the end of the transfer window, expected on October 5?

The economic crisis caused by the pandemic has reduced the financial base of clubs, which announces a much quieter transfer window.

In this context, it is difficult to imagine the most expensive player in history, under contract with PSG until 2022 … and even less now that his relations with his main contenders are settled in the courts.

With AFP