Tanina Cheriet, daughter of the Algerian singer Idir

In the family home of Idir in Paris’s suburbs, the daughter of the Kabyle singer looks back on the death of her father, who died during the Covid-19 pandemic from a disease unrelated to it.

“We called each other every day, we were very close. I had a hard time feeling the frustration of not being able to come and see him because I got a coronavirus,” said France 24 Tanina Cheriet, daughter of singer Idir.

The death of this Kabyle music legend, which occurred in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, on May 2, 2020, shocked many people, especially in the Algerian diaspora. “He was Kabyle, but he was a world in the world,” recalls Tanina Cheriet.

Some did not understand that Idir was buried in France and not in his Algerian citizens. “I totally understand people who accept it with difficulty, but I hope their hearts will calm down and they will accept dad’s decision. Whether he is buried in France in Paris, Alger or Rio .. as it was a man in the world the earth belongs to him, “the young woman estimates.

“One of its basic principles, values ​​that we adhere to is its humanism and its universalism,” Tanina Cheriet recalls. For the artist’s daughter, Idir has left a work that continues to resonate far beyond Algeria and Kabylia.