Tottenham-Manchester United 1-1, Spurs slow down Red Devils

An English shock was on the program for the 30th day and Tottenham were able to slow Manchester United at home.

Against Manchester United, Tottenham wanted to come back in the race for a collapsible place in the Champions League. And Spurs opened hostilities in this meeting.

Benzema in shape at the best time for Zidane

After the half-hour mark, after a raise from Lloris, Bergwin used Aurier’s good pressure to advance and beat a De Gea not without trouble.

1-0, this will be the point at rest. At the hour of the game, Fred turns to Pogba and the game for the Red Devil improves. The Frenchman feeds Bruno Fernandes on his right, who launches Martial in front of him, but the latter strike is not worrying for Lloris.

Moments later, a sudden strike from the left of the latter drives Lloris to the rush. United continue to dominate possession and will eventually be rewarded with a penalty following a foul by Dier on Pogba ten minutes from the end. A penalty turned by Fernandes.

At the end of the match, United will think they will receive a new repair kick. Rashford finds Bruno Fernandes who fell in contact with Dier. But after watching the video, Mister Moss withdrew. 1-1, this will eventually be the final result.