UEFA sanction: OM does not rule out appeal

IF “recognizes” the UEFA sanctions but does not rule out appealing the court’s decision.

Sanctioned by UEFA to a fine of € 3 million for breach of the contractual agreement concluded in 2019 in the context of financial fair play, the Olympian club has indicated that they will decide “in the coming hours” he chooses to appeal to CAS “.

OM is sanctioned by UEFA for violation of financial fair play

OM “notes the decision today made by the UEFA Chamber”, which “understood the health situation and its impact on the financial balance of all football players”, the club writes in a press release.

“She particularly acknowledged the apparent impossibility for many clubs to make medium-term forecasts and emphasized the total lack of visibility for the current economic outlook,” OM added.

“However, the Chamber’s decision includes significant financial sanctions in an economic context that is extremely difficult by the Covid-19 crisis. The club will decide in the coming hours if it chooses to appeal to CAS,” we may still read.