Barton: “Modric, the strongest player I have ever met”

Joey Barton, former OM midfielder, said he has never met a player as good as the Croatian international on a plan.

Although he has not played in the biggest clubs there is, Joey Barton has had a very respectable career, which has especially seen him play around 300 matches in the Premier League and also do a stint at the Olympique de Marseille. During this course, the English community had the chance to compete with many fantastic players and one that particularly marked him.

In an interview with The Team, Barton said he was blown away by the properties of the current Real and Ballon d’Or 2018 midfielder Luka Modric. “I played against incredible players. Vieira, Petit, Gerrard, Keane, Scholes, Lampard, Makelele, Essien … But the best part of all was probably Luka Modric. I played it several times, and I saw it develop. During his last season at Tottenham, you felt he was ready for Real Madrid “, he explained.

“Anelka is a phenomenal player”

And to the question, who is the strongest player he played with, he replied: “Nicolas Anelka, far from it. He was a phenomenal player. I had just arrived at the team and he was the star (in Manchester City 2003), but he was nice with the youngsters. He was very calm and did not waste his energy in talking to say nothing, like so many others.

Finally, Barton also told a very funny anecdote about his former OM coach, Elie Baup : “I don’t speak French, but I don’t think he really speaks French either, right?” This accent! Even the French could hardly understand it sometimes, so to speak, what were my chances? He tried to talk to me. He took his big voice and made strange noises, I didn’t understand. He saw that I did not understand anything, which annoyed him then he shouted “English! English!”, The only word he can say in English. After a while, I would give up and say “Ah OK! Okay! Understand!” Sometimes I miraculously followed the instructions, sometimes not at all. “