Bayern, Lewandowski joins a very closed club

By signing a support on Saturday, Robert Lewandowski became the third player to reach only 33 goals during a German season.

And another record for Lewandowski! By scoring a double this Saturday in the Bayern match against Friborg, Pole became the first player in this championship to score 33 goals (or more) in a single practice of 43 years. And he is the first to do so simply among foreigners.

Only two players have achieved this achievement in Bundesliga history. Gerd Muller did it three times (1970, 1972 and 1973) and his namesake Dieter Muller did it once (1977). The absolute record is 40 farmers. A brand that will be difficult to pick up for Bavaria’s middle forward. At least this season.

Lewandowski is aiming for the Golden Shoe

Bayern Munich have nothing left to play in the league, but their Polish strikers have a challenge to retain their first place in the Golden Shoe ranking 2019/2020. With 33 goals and 66 points on his watch, he has just secured his first place ahead of Laziale Ciro Immobile (54 points).

Regardless of his performance on the final day, Lewandowski will have already signed his most productive campaign since playing in Germany. His best total in the past was 30 goals. The former Dortmund player is also on his way to claiming his fifth Die Bombardier title (top scorer). Always high is seven (held by Gerd Muller).