Chelsea – Lampard wants to keep N’Golo Kanté

The Blues coach said he does not plan to see his world champion midfielder leave under the transfer window.

Will N’Golo Kanté still be a Chelsea player next season? The start of his team’s resumption against Aston Villa (Sunday, 15:15) Frank Lampard wanted to confirm his desire to see the midfielder stay in London.

“When it comes to N’Golo, I’ve seen discussions about him and his future at the club. I’ve often said this about N’Golo – he’s one of the world’s best midfielders. I wish I could play with him.”, the Blues coach told reporters.

“He has it all. Coming back to Chelsea and having the opportunity to lead this club and having N’Golo Kanté is something I really want to enjoy and work with. Unfortunately this season it has been difficult for N ‘ Golo.

“It’s good to see it a little cool. One of the highlights of this season is that we have managed to get some players in shape. N’Golo is so important to us as a team to move on. We need him regularly and hopefully we get him now. “

Lampard may have feared he wouldn’t count on his world champion for the rest of the season, as he had to be away from group training due to problems related to the Covid19 epidemic. After missing almost two weeks of group training, Kanté returned to attend the sessions as well as two friendly matches against Reading and Queen’s Park Rangers.

Chelsea has honored Kanté’s initial desire to stay away from the group, but he has finally been convinced to return, and Lampard is ready to use it immediately. “He’s in great shape and he’s trained”, he added.

“He trained for a while from each other, but he has trained with us in a group now. He is fit like everyone else in the team and he is naturally fit in any case.

“He wanted to be clear about how it would play out at the training ground. As I said, it was arranged. He trains and he is happy.”