four members of the Chechen community were prosecuted

Dijon’s prosecutor’s office on Saturday filed a lawsuit against four members of the Chechen group arrested for their participation in reprisal expeditions conducted in the Burgundian capital.

Another step in the investigation of the violence last weekend in Dijon. The prosecutor announced on Saturday, June 20, the next charge against four members of the Chechen group arrested for their participation in retaliation expeditions conducted in the Burgundian capital.

These four suspects, three men of Russian nationality and a Frenchman of Russian origin, were part of a group of six people arrested on Thursday as part of the investigation into the actions of members of the Chechen community seeking revenge for abuse of a young person by, according to them, residents of the sensitive district of Grésilles. Two of the suspects have since been terminated.

These measures were followed by other “urban” type disturbances in the Grésilles district, Dijon’s Prosecutor Eric Mathais announced at a press conference.

The violence left 20 injured, two of them serious: one with gunshots and the other in a car accident, whose images were widely reported on social networks, the prosecutor says.

Two of the suspects, a 53-year-old Russian resident of Dole (Jura) and a 41-year-old Frenchman living in Dijon, have already been indicted. One of them was imprisoned and the other placed under judicial supervision.

They are charged with uniting criminals for the purpose of preparing crimes that can be punishable by 10 years in prison and participating in a grouping to prepare violence and humiliation.

Flagrancy investigation

The two other Russian suspects, a 23-year-old who lives in Saint-Etienne and another 29-year-old resident of Troyes, must be prosecuted for the same charges, as well as for aggravated violence and humiliation. The prosecutor also requested that they be remanded in custody.

Following the violence that occurred in the evenings on Friday 12, Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 June, the prosecution in Dijon had initiated an investigation into flagrance. These facts were followed on June 15 by a display of the strength of hooded men in the district of Grésilles and posed as “we Arabs” on videos posted on social networks.

The latter seemed equipped with what appeared to be assault rifles or automatic pistols, attacking security cameras and torching vehicles. At the same time, many vehicles are also burning in the neighboring city of Chenôve. An investigation was also initiated into these facts.

Demonstration Saturday

Tranquility has returned since Tuesday in the Burgundian capital, where this extraordinary urban violence shocked many residents and caused a strong echo outside the country.

On Saturday, hundreds of people including residents of Grésilles defied a prefecture ban to demonstrate in Dijon to demand the departure of the prefect, accused of laxity for this violence. The small procession tried to reach the prefecture, but it was blocked on the road by the police and turned around before it spread calmly.

On Friday, a large weapons investigation operation seized approximately 140 police members, Les Grésilles 80g cannabis resin, a knife, 25 molotov cocktails and Belgian registration plates, gloves and hoods.

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