France reopens its stadiums on July 11, sports activities approved June 22

The French will be able to resume their club sport activities from June 22 in addition to martial arts. Cinemas and holidays open again the same day. The supporters will return to the arena on July 11.

French stadiums and racing track will once again be able to open and welcome the public from July 11, but with a capacity limited to 5,000 people, Edouard Philippe confirmed on Saturday, June 20.

The government has also approved the resumption of collective sports activities from Monday 22 June “with appropriate preventive measures”. However, martial arts are still prohibited.

The improvement of the sanitary situation in France linked to the Covid-19 pandemic also allows the French government to approve the reopening from June 22 for cinemas, holidays, casinos and games rooms.

Call for “vigilance” against the virus

However, Édouard Philippe calls for maintaining “a vigilant position ahead of the epidemic, especially during the summer,” he said in a press release.

“In the case of theaters, activities that bring together more than 1,500 people must be explained, so that the necessary precautions can be guaranteed,” the chief minister said.

Thanks to advances in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, France has registered only 14 additional deaths in hospitals over the past 24 hours, which has resulted in the total number of deaths since the epidemic began 29,617, according to the balance sheet published Friday by the Directorate-General for Health ( DGS).

The number of Covid-19 patients in intensive care continues to decrease by 727 patients, 25 less than Thursday, according to a press release from DGS.

The state of emergency was lifted on July 11 except in Guyana

The resumption of recreational and sporting activities is the first set of deconstruction measures announced by Matignon. The second phase enters into force on July 11, the date that will mark the end of the state of health in metropolitan France.

Entered into force on March 24, ahead of the Covid-19 epidemic, and this state of health transgression, which allows some public freedoms to be restricted, was extended in May to July 10. Abroad, on the other hand, it will be maintained, especially in Guyana where the “virus is actively circulating” and therefore calls for special safeguards. The government will issue a decree next week to postpone the municipal elections.

Discos, trade shows and trade fairs open in September

Finally from September “and subject to a new assessment of the epidemiological situation, the beginning of the school year may be marked by further relaxation” with the opening of trade fairs, exhibitions and exhibitions and “if necessary” for the opening of discos and international maritime cruises.

“This new step (…) rests primarily on the sense of responsibility of the French, who must continue to show an exemplary approach to fighting the epidemic,” the government recalls.

Throughout France, the authorities seem to rule out a new containment in the event of a second epidemic wave. “The response strategy, especially to protect the most vulnerable without resorting to a general reconfiguration, such as the health system, will be presented by the government in the coming days. Special arrangements will be made for the summer,” the government said.

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