judges reject Trump’s request to block Bolton’s book

A federal judge on Saturday rejected the US presidential administration’s request to ban the publication of the book by former Donald Trump adviser John Bolton.

It’s a failure for Donald Trump. A U.S. federal judge ruled June 20 refused to ban the release of the explosive book by former Donald Trump adviser John Bolton. A ban required by the president’s administration.

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John Bolton “posed a threat to US national security” and “put his country at risk,” said Justice Royce Lamberth, in his decision.

But “the government has failed to establish that a ban would prevent irreparable harm. Therefore, its request is denied,” he concluded. Shortly after concluding, Donald Trump said his ex-adviser Bolton would pay “the high price” for his book.

“Bolton broke the law and was criticized and praised for it, with a very high price to pay. He likes to drop bombs on people and kill them. Now it’s him who bombs will be released,” he also said on Twitter.

“I don’t really see what I can do with all these books already distributed across the country,” Royce Lamberth warned on Friday. “The damage is already done, it seems to me,” he complained while the book was coming out on Tuesday.

The United States government had made this request at the last minute to block the publication of “The Room Where It Happened,” a chronicle of the author’s 17 months of occupation by the Oval Office as national security adviser, 2018-2019.

Government lawyer David Morrell said the book was loaded with “classified” information.

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