Manchester United – Solskjær pleased Paul Pogba’s return

The Red Devils coach welcomed the return to the competition for an already decisive Pogba this Friday against Tottenham (1-1).

Long led by the point, Manchester United managed to make a draw this Friday on Tottenham’s lawn thanks to a penalty Paul Pogba received, author of a convincing entry in the second period. By dissatisfying his coach, Ole Gunnar Solskaer.

I think Paul always has something to prove to himself and us. He wants to be the best, he loves football and has had such a frustrating season with his injuries “, said the Norwegian after the last whistle.

“We will always talk about great players. For me, Paul has shown today how he can make a contribution. He tackled, won the ball, created opportunities and had the ability to make us win one. I can’t wait for him to come back in shape and gradually we will see him more and more. “

Especially since his association with newcomer Bruno Fernandes already promises a lot. “It’s a definite partnership that we want to build on, continued Solskjaer. They trained together, now they have had half an hour in the field together. We obviously want the best players on the pitch and we want to find balance in the team.

“[Pogba] have had a terribly damaged season and are desperate to make up for lost time. It’s great to see him show his qualities and his contribution was important in order for us to get a penalty. I think he showed how good he is as a versatile midfielder. “

Meet now on Wednesday to receive a surprise competitor for C1, Sheffield (7 p.m.).