“Whistles against Gareth Bale will never stop at Real”

The former Manchester United striker is surprised that Gareth Bale is still at Real Madrid.

Gareth Bale remains loyal to Real Madrid and has rejected all requests outside for several years. However, he has every reason to want to move, starting with his complicated relationship with Zinedine Zidane, but also and above all the little love that the public in the Bernabeu gives him. A situation that Dimitar Berbatov, his former Spurs teammate, does not understand.

“I will never understand how some Real Madrid fans boo their own players”, said the former Bulgarian striker in his column for the English website BetFair. “I think the criticism he undergoes is a little more personal than that addressed to other players,” he continued. Whatever he does, even if he scores five goals in one game, there will always be fans who will criticize him. I often wonder, with the amount of punches he must have received, why is he still there? He has to feed on it, but whatever he does, there will always be some negativity towards him and I don’t get it. “

When he returned from an injury, Bale was able to play last Thursday’s Real game against Valencia. For once, he was not conspired by the public. It could hardly be seen that the match was played behind closed doors. “Playing behind closed doors can therefore be useful for him and his confidence, but I imagine that the fans will continue to boo him in front of his televisions,” Berbatov said.

Statistically, Bale is having its worst season in the Spanish capital. He only scored 3 goals and 2 assists in all competitions.