a reconfiguration of Guyana possible after a “sudden acceleration” of the virus

Edouard Philippe said on Sunday that the “hypothesis of a reconfiguration” of Guyana should be re-examined if the signs of coronavirus acceleration of eponymia are confirmed in the territory.

The “hypothesis of a reconfiguration” of Guyana needs to be re-examined if the signs of an acceleration of the coronavirus epidemic are confirmed, Matignon warned on Sunday, June 21 by announcing a strengthening of the sanitation capacity in this French territory bordering Brazil

The chief executive has already announced that the Guyana municipal elections have been postponed until June 28, the transition to epidemic 3 and suggested that Parliament extend the state of health after July 11.

On Sunday, the government announced new measures for “the sudden acceleration in ten days”, especially in the Cayenne metropolitan area.

According to the latest figures released on Sunday, the epidemic has developed with 278 additional cases in 24 hours to settle on 2,441 cases positive for Covid-19 (including 930 cured), 97 patients admitted and 14 in intensive care, for six deaths in total .

“If the rate of reproduction remains high in the coming days and the signs of an acceleration of virus circulation continue, the hypothesis of a reconfiguration of Guyana must be re-examined,” warns Matignon in a statement, adding that Foreign Minister Edouard Philippe asked Annick Girardin to go there on Tuesday.

Additional care providers

As of Monday, 17 additional health care providers, from the National Health Reserve, must arrive on site. Other health care groups, especially from AP-HP (Paris Hospital) “will be showing from this week”.

In addition, a unit in the 20-bed general medical emergency hospitals will be used this week to receive non-covid patients and thereby free up additional hospital capacity.

The medical evacuation strategy, a priority against the Antilles and which can be extended to Hexagon if needed, will continue. “Two patients were evacuated on June 18 by a CASA aircraft from the Air Force. A new medical evacuation of two patients is ongoing,” Matignon said.

Ahead of the Covid-19 epidemic, authorities announced Thursday that the curfew has been extended in the three cities of Cayenne Island, while two patients have been evacuated to the Caribbean.

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