collisions between police and protesters demanding jobs in Tataouine

Collisions broke out on Sunday between police and protesters gathered to demand jobs in Tataouine, southern Tunisia.

Security forces fire tear gas on Sunday, June 20 in Tataouine, Tunisia, to disperse protesters demanding jobs and the release of an activist who threw stones at them and blocked roads with blazing tires.

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For weeks, a protest movement has been going on in the governorate of Tataouine (south), where protesters have set up tents in several regions and blocked the road to trucks belonging to oil and gas companies located at El Kamour location, 160 kilometers further, in the middle of the desert.

The protesters are demanding the implementation of an agreement, which was concluded after months of sit-ins and clashes in 2017, which gives employment in these companies of thousands of unemployed in this marginalized region.

It was the arrest on Saturday night of a militant “called for justice” that started the clashes on Sunday, Tataouine Governor Adel Werghi said on a local radio. This is Tarek Haddad, spokesman for sit-in coordination.

Protesters blocked roads with burning tires and threw stones at law enforcement who responded with tear gas in the city of Tataouine (500 km south of Tunis), the AFP correspondent said. On the dot.

Call for a “general strike”

Press release from the interior group, group of people tried to attack police stations with Molotov cocktails, which caused the legislation to defend its services by all legal means. “Ten of these people were arrested, he added.

The 2017 agreement, favored by the mediation of the powerful union center UGTT, also stipulates that the state invests 80 million dinars (about € 27 million) each year in the Tataouine region. What has not been done.

The UGTT branch in Tataouine called a statement for “a general strike” on Monday in the region, saying it is “the refusal to use excessive and unjustified violence” against the protesters. On Saturday, the union said that “the government has once again broken its promises and lost confidence” by the residents.

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