Pioli still believes in Europe for Milan

AC Milan coach Stefano Pioli has not yet given up on qualifying his team for European competition.

With yet another disappointing Serie A season, AC Milan are in serious danger of missing a European qualifier. One more time. Only eighth in the standings before the championship restart, Rossonerri would need a miracle to get a place in Europe. And it’s not even about C1, which they haven’t played since 2015/16, but about C3.

The Lombards’ task is complicated, but Stefano Pioli, their coach, wants to believe it. For him, he loses nothing and if there is a series of positive results, everything remains playable. “Today we are not in Europe, but even if we were, everything can change in 40 days”, he explained. “It would be a shame to end the season in this position, we have to resume quickly. We do not have a simple schedule but we have shown that we can compete with those waiting for us.”

If Milan is so far behind, it is mainly because of its poor offensive productivity. Pioli recognizes this, but he is not too worried. “We are not the fourth worst attack in the league because we have not created opportunities, but because we have one of the lowest conversion rates. We must improve. The chance will be different, making another goal becomes even more important. We need to improve this information ”, he explained.

On Monday, Rossonerri competes in Lecce. Missing steps are therefore prohibited for this misclassification. During this game, they will not be able to count on their Swedish forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who has not yet fully recovered from his calf injury.

If the bad stretch stretches, Pioli is likely to give up his place. His fate would even be sealed because Ralf Rangnick was announced for his service. He tries not to contaminate his mind with questions over which he has no control. “The future of all coaches is at stake for the 40 days. Everyone can be threatened. We live with results. We have a great goal to strive for, our position in the table does not reflect our characteristics and we have a chance to prove it.”