Spain reopens its roads and the border with France

The border was opened on Sunday between France and Spain. Tourists and travelers rushed to visit their loved ones or the Spanish seaside resort. However, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez demanded vigilance.

It was a long-awaited reopening. The French can now travel to Spain. Travelers hurried to meet their loved ones or, on the contrary, go to the seaside resort, Sunday 21 June.

This is the case with Sylvia Faust, from Avignon, in southern France, in shorts and sandals. On Sunday she was already walking with her daughter along the beach at Roses, a Spanish seaside resort about 30 km from the border.

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“We were able to cross the border last night, before midnight, they checked us in and let us in,” said AFP, a 43-year-old French woman who “wanted to be in Spain this first Sunday of the summer, to tap the sun, the beach, … “.

With the suspension of the state of alert, the Spaniards were able to leave their region to find relatives they had not seen since March 14.

The government had then introduced severe containment to fight the virus that has so far left 28,322 dead in one of the countries most affected by the pandemic.

But from now on, citizens of the European Union and other member states of the Schengen area and even the British can enter Spain freely, without having to follow a quarantine of 14 days.

Portugal waits on its side on July 1 to open the land border to Spain.

At the Perthus border post, between the French region of Occitanie and Spanish Catalonia, the French police carried out sporadic checks on Tuesday morning without slowing down the narrow traffic.

“New Normal”

Spain therefore goes into what is called “the new normal” with new rules to avoid renewed infectiousness.

Everyone should continue to wear a mask in confined areas and outdoors when it is not possible to maintain a safety distance of 1.5 m. by region.

Approximately 600 officials from the Ministry of Health have been appointed airports to review international travelers, ask them where they live and take the temperature. Suspected cases will be examined by a doctor.

“We remain vulnerable. We need to be on our guard and strictly follow hygiene measures,” Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Saturday.

On July 1, Spain will open its borders to all nationalities, especially to try to save what is left of the tourist season. Tourism is the first pillar of the Spanish economy with 12% of its GDP.

With AFP