The Convention wants the referendum to include climate in the Constitution

The Citizens Climate Convention voted for a constitutional amendment on Sunday to include the fight against global warming and the creation of an “ecocide” crime by referendum.

Use the referendum to change the French constitution to introduce the fight against global warming. That’s what the 150 citizens of Citizen’s Climate Convention (CCC) asked for on Sunday, June 20. They also want to present a referendum to create a crime against “ecocide”. Instructs the CEO to implement the other measures taken by the Convention after nine months of work.

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Minister for the ecological and inclusive transition Élisabeth Borne receives the committee’s proposal on Sunday afternoon for the executive. She estimated that a referendum “would make it possible to share the work” of the Convention “with all French” and “to mature the ecological conscience”.

But CCC members took the opposite of capacity and voted against the idea of ​​introducing the referendum on their concrete actions. With the exception of the introduction of the preamble and Article 1 of the Constitution of the concepts of environmental protection, biodiversity and the “fight against climate change” and the introduction in the French law of an “ecocide” crime – which aims to suppress serious environmental damage – which has already been rejected in Parliament .

“Constitution, ecocide, OK for a referendum. By the way, that power takes its responsibility,” launched one of the participants, summarizing the arguments that most speakers have put forward.

“All our actions are great. We encourage all our citizens to seize it and control the work of politicians,” insisted on her part, a citizen of the Convention, Yolande.

Limitation of working hours rejected

One of the most controversial measures, reducing working hours to four days (28 hours) per week, had largely been rejected (65%) on Saturday, the only one not adopted by members. In addition to the consequences for the companies, many of the 150 were worried about the image it would give of their work: “We will pass for dolls,” launched one of the members.

Another measure that should polarize public opinion: reducing the speed of the motorway from 130 to 110 km / h.

Among other measures is a strong framework for advertising, with the prohibition of signs in the public outdoor area and advertising for products with high carbon footprint – such as large SUV-type vehicles. In addition to heavy taxes on ultra-processed food, the ban on GMO seeds, a higher taxation of nitrogen fertilizers and halving the use of pesticides in 2030 and the ban on the most dangerous ones in 2035.

The list also includes a ban on heated terraces, lighting of shops at night or a tax on corporate dividends to finance the transformation of the productive tool.

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