Trump does not gather Tulsa for the first meeting after the Covid-19 crisis

In front of a half-empty room, the US president announced his handling of the Tulsa crisis in Tulsa on Saturday. During this first campaign meeting despite the Covid-19 pandemic, he said he had asked his health authorities to slow down the speed of testing for the virus.

Ignoring the warnings for coronavirus, Donald Trump resumed on Saturday, June 20, with the meetings he loves to restart his campaign for the US presidential election, but without the expected audience.

Assured to be in a brilliant shape, the US president attacked with virulence with his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, described as a “puppet” at the same time as “the radical left” and China, and presented as a politician n ‘having “never done anything “in a half-century career in Washington.

In a surprise speech of nearly two hours, Donald Trump posed as a “law and order” defender, urging Americans to attend the November 3 elections to secure a second four-year term.

Presidential election: Donald Trump announced his leadership of Covid-19 at a meeting in Tulsa

But the room that would inaugurate this return in fanfare was not full, far from it. And the many rows of empty spaces did not contribute to the image of a candidate who knew how to find a second wind.

Campaign manager Brad Parscale admitted the numbers were below expectations, blaming “radical protesters” and “a week of apocalyptic media.

Yet on Monday, Donald Trump had stated in a tweet that “nearly a million” people had requested tickets for this meeting.

“Slow screening,” Trump says

In front of a room where few of his supporters wore protective masks, the US billionaire vigorously defended his decision against Covid-19, which he once again called “Chinese virus.”

“I’ve saved hundreds of thousands of lives, but no one ever praises our work,” he said.

The President of the First World Power estimated that the test was “a double-edged sword”: “When we do this screening volume, we find more people, we find more cases”.

And during the process he added in a seemingly ironic tone: “So I said ‘Slow down the show'”. “He was obviously joking to condemn the absurd media story,” AFP indicated to an official at the White House, on condition of anonymity.

Six Trump campaign members tested positive for Covid-19

A few hours before the start of this rally, six members of his campaign team had tested positive for Covid-19 and quarantined

According to the Trump campaign team, the temperature of all the public was raised at the entrance and masks and disinfection gel are offered systematically.

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