Emmanuel Macron condemns a “dangerous game” by Turkey in Libya

Turkey is playing a “dangerous game” in Libya, Emmanuel Macron said on Monday. The French President again called on all parties to the conflict for “responsibility” and demanded an end to foreign involvement and “unilateral acts”.

On Monday, June 22, French President Emmanuel Macron condemned Turkey’s “dangerous game” in Libya, emphasizing a direct threat to the region and to Europe.

“Today, I consider Turkey to play a dangerous game in Libya and violate all its commitments made at the Berlin Conference,” he said after an interview with his Tunisian counterpart Kaïs Saïed. at the Élysée.

“France and Tunisia together demand that the gunmen stop the fire and maintain their commitment to resume negotiations initiated within the UN framework to restore security for all, reunite Libyan institutions and engage reconstruction for the benefit of all Libyans.”

Tensions between Paris and Ankara

“It is a difficult road that requires everyone to be responsible, to stop foreign intervention and the one-sided actions of those who claim to be given new positions in the war,” he said.

Turkey intervenes militarily in Libya in support of the Government of National Understanding (GEN), recognized by the international community, in the face of the offensive by Marshal Haftar, the strong man in eastern Libya.

This Turkish support, in addition to Moscow’s support for Khalifa Haftar, causes people to hug and cause the UN and the countries that have been engaged in recent years in mediation aimed at getting the country out of chaos and leading to a lasting ceasefire between the two competing camps .

NATO “brain death”

The tension has increased especially in recent days between Ankara and Paris, the two accused each other of contributing to the deterioration of the security situation in the country divided into two and threw themselves into chaos since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi, in 2011.

Following the interview with its Tunisian counterpart, Emmanuel Macron concluded that the recent naval events between France and Turkey in the Mediterranean, which is the subject of a NATO investigation, constitute “one of the most beautiful demonstrations” of “brain death” of NATO, assesses the situation “unbearable”.

AFP and Reuters