French cinemas open again

The cinemas opened on Monday to French moviegoers “in accordance with strict sanitary rules”, after three months of inactivity due to the coronavirus and a loss of almost € 400 million.

After more than three months of closure, the vast majority of the 2,000 French cinemas opened on Monday, June 22, to the delight of moviegoers, despite new health rules in connection with deconfinance.

Free seats on each side of spectators or groups (families, couples …), separate sessions to avoid crossing paths, organized traffic flows and distances of at least one meter in the queues, wear the mask recommended in halls and corridors, privileged ticket sales online or regular disinfection of the premises is part of the measures implemented to calm spectators.

A loss of almost EUR 400 million

For all cinema exhibitors, the crisis and the cessation of activity due to the Covid-19 epidemic, according to an estimate by the National Federation of French Cinemas (FNCF), lost nearly 60 million assumptions (from early March to late June compared to previous years) , which represents a loss of almost EUR 400 million.

According to a study by Médiamétrie published last week, 18.7 million French people say they plan to go to the cinema in the next four weeks, or 45% of the movie viewers in the last 12 months, with a stronger desire for regulars (75%) and Parisians (59%).

A return to theaters where Isabelle Gibbal-Hardy, director of Grand Action in Latin Quarter, and chairman of the Network of Independent Parisian Cinemas (CIP), which unites 28 theaters in the capital, are also counted.

“We are opening slowly and we expect a return of our spectators in theaters from the beginning,” emphasizes the one who says “quite optimistic”, while also realizing that it will be “a laboratory time”, during which “programming will not be the same as usual “.

Because if many titles will appear on Monday, many films already released before containment and back on screens, including “De Gaulle” by Gabriel Le Bomin or comedy “La Bonneouse” by Martin Provost, will be ahead of the first blockbuster expected by the end of July (“Mulan” by Niki Caro or “Tenet” by Christopher Nolan).

Midnight session in Paris

The most impatient moviegoers gave themselves a session at 12:01 at a cinema in Saint-Lazare to celebrate the opening of dark rooms on Monday. At the appointed hour, a round of applause sounded. “There is no word to describe what we feel! We have been waiting for you for 99 days,” said Louis Merle, Head of 5 Caumartin (IXe).

On the bill: a preview of the French comedy “Les Parfums” by Grégory Magne with Emmanuelle Devos and Grégory Montel (in theaters of 1your July), which tells of the adventures of a famous designer of character perfumes and her driver, the only one who stands against her.

With AFP