“Les Masques bleus”, a citizen platform for building Africa after Covid

To get out of the coronavirus crisis “the world must unite its senses”. It is from this observation that the idea of ​​the participating platform “Les Masques bleus” started. Bonaventure Mvé Ondo, philosopher and professor at Omar-Bongo University in Libreville, Gabon, gathered around him several actors from civil society to start this initiative. He is a guest this week at Afrique Hebdo.

Empty hotels, deserted beaches and stopped air traffic … The Corona virus has frightened tourists to Africa. For professionals in the sector, the loss is significant and they are afraid of a dry season. Many companies lose revenue and are forced to cut jobs. Illustration in Senegal, with the seaside town of Saly, which boasts of dream assets, but whose customers have disappeared.

We also take you to meet seaweed fishermen in Zanzibar, a difficult activity, but one that allows them to gain their independence.