Twitter masks new content from Donald Trump, considered “abusive”

Twitter once again masked a post from Donald Trump on Tuesday, where the president threatened to use force against protesters in the US capital. For the first time, the social network has mentioned that the content “violates” the network rules on “abusive behavior”, but leaves the opportunity to read it.

New episode in the showdown between Twitter and Donald Trump. For the first time, Twitter has chosen to hide content posted Tuesday, June 23 by the president, not to remove it, claiming that there was a threat of harm to an identifiable group.

“There will never be an ‘autonomous zone’ in Washington as long as I am your president. If they try, they will face significant force,” the US president tweeted in connection with demonstrations against police violence. and racism for weeks.

This is only the second time Twitter has used it exceptions of general interest about a tweet from the US president since its creation last summer. The tweet therefore remains visible “in the public interest”, it is specified, but an exact mention that the tweet “violated the Twitter abuse rules”. This feature requires users to click to read the tweet and aim “to minimize the scope of the tweet, at the same time as the public can see and discuss it, “can be read on the site.

With AFP