World Cup 2022 – Platini: “I say who I vote for, and I take it in my face”

The former UEFA president believes that if the corruption charges are confirmed, the 2022 World Cup award must be withdrawn from Qatar.

Michel Platini never hid it, he had supported and voted for Qatar for the World Cup in 2022. But while the suspicions of corruption are increasing in recent months, the French estimated that if the charges were confirmed, the award would be revoked.

“I say who I vote for, and I take it in my face”

“The only thing I said was that if there was corruption, the World Cup would be removed from Qatar. It would be FIFA’s responsibility. (…) I had voted Morocco for the 2006 World Cup and said it to Chirac. I lost. I voted Italy for Euro 2012 and I lost. I always said who I voted for. You want transparency journalists? I say who I vote for and I take it in my face … “, thus entrusting the Blues past honor to the magazine Le Monde.

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“It is true that on the map, England and the United States, it was good in the beginning. And then I changed my mind. The United States had it (1994 edition, editor’s note), so did the British (1966). Russia never had it. I am for enlargement, the development of football, that an Arab-Muslim country had the World Cup was better than giving back to others. I wanted this World Cup to be played in all the Gulf countries and not just in Qatar. If I had stayed at FIFA I might have gotten it. I wanted it to happen playing in Dubai, in Abu Dhabi “, then developed the former UEFA president. This World Cup has not stopped people from talking …