$ 10 billion agreement ends the majority of the lawsuits against Bayer

German group Bayer on Wednesday announced a $ 10 billion compensation deal with US plaintiffs to blame Roundup, a glyphosate pesticide marketed by its subsidiary Monsanto, for the cancer they suffer.

An agreement was reached to end a dispute between Roundup users and Bayer, the German group announced. The company has committed to pay between $ 10.1 and $ 10.9 billion to end the proceedings initiated by nearly 100,000 Americans have suffered from cancer that they attribute their exposure to Roundup, a glyphosate herbicide produced by Monsanto.

The German Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Group is trying to end US lawsuit against Roundup and other glyphosate-based products he inherited when he bought Monsanto for $ 63 billion, completed in 2018.

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The agreement does not cover all complaints

Bayer said it was announced on Wednesday does not resolve all disputes, Bayer said it refers to about 75% of litigation in the United States “involving about 125,000 complaints in total,” Bayer said in a statement.

The agreement “resolves the current litigation and establishes a clear mechanism for dealing with the risks of any future litigation,” the statement says.

These “potential future cases will be governed by a” class agreement “subject to court approval. This agreement includes the establishment of a class of potential future complainants and the establishment of an independent class scientific committee.”

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Bayer will continue to market Roundup and does not intend to state on its packaging that it may cause cancer.

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