Arsenal, Guendouzi in the beginning?

The Gunners midfielder, who appeared with a splash with Neal Maupay against Brighton, could be pushed to the exit.

Matteo Guendouzi distinguished himself during Arsenal’s defeat to Brighton last Saturday, but not in the best way. In fact, more than his sports performance, the French midfielder spoke of his attitude to Neal Maupay, after Bernd Leno’s injury, and the players in Brighton during the meeting. The day after this match, the former Lorient player was also found in the columns of the Daily Mail with an anonymous revelation by an opponent.

Arsenal, long standstill for Leno

“He (Guendouzi) told the Brighton players that they were fucking … He said he (Guendouzi) and his teammates won so much more than they (Brighton players) would never win in their lives. games. Arsenal is a decent club and hates this kind of behavior “, revealed a player from Brighton. This Wednesday, Daily Mail adds a new layer to the Matteo Guendouzi case.

According to information from the English media, the French midfielder would no longer smell of holiness at Arsenal. Mikel Arteta would be open to a departure from the former Lorient player. The Spanish engineer would not have appreciated Matteo Guendouzi’s attitude to Brighton, but also during training sessions where the 21-year-old played discoveries and dances behind his back while explaining serious instructions.

Arteta: “What happens on the ground stays on the ground”

A case that already has a precedent. In fact, during the Gunners winter camp in Dubai, Matteo Guendouzi and Mikel Arteta had already had a collision. The Frenchman was then dismissed against Newcastle: “The reason ? The players who, in my opinion, train the best, behave best and are the most diligent to do on the pitch what we ask for, the players are selected “, had justified Mikel Arteta.

Arsenal, Arteta angry all red against their players

This time, despite rumors of Matteo Guendouzi’s departure, Mikel Arteta preferred to defend his player at a press conference and kicked the ball over the events against Brighton: “My job is to make sure we all behave correctly with respect for the sweater we wear. It is obvious that what is happening on the pitch – I have been playing for 17 years – remains on the pitch. Because you can very easily shape and change words and contexts and you should not. But of course we show frustration, and in a way I like it because it means we don’t like to lose and we don’t accept defeat. But I prefer these reactions before the matches, rather than after “.

If the Spaniard has been behind his midfielder for this time, it does not guarantee the future of the 21-year-old Frenchman at the side of the Emirates Stadium. According to the Daily Mail, Mikel Arteta, privately, should have indicated that he was not particularly impressed with the player’s performance and his level, while the latter dropped his starting position during the season. A departure from Matteo Guendouzi must not be dismissed during the next summer transfer window.