Barack Obama helps Joe Biden raise money, believes in “big hope” in November

The former US president spoke on Tuesday during an online gathering for the Democratic candidate for the White House Joe Biden. He strongly condemned Donald Trump’s actions while showing his optimism for the November election.

Barack Obama is increasingly present in US media. The former president said Tuesday, June 23, that a “big hope” in the US could beat Donald Trump on November 3.

Barack Obama, still very popular with Democrats, spoke during an online gathering that allowed his former White House vice president and Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, to raise $ 11 million, or a record for his campaign.

“There is no one I trust more to heal wounds in this country and get back on track than my great friend Joe Biden,” said the 44th President of the United States on the new wave of anti-racism. was observed in the country since George Floyd killed, a black man killed by police.

The White House, under Donald Trump, as well as the Republicans and the conservative media have struck “the very foundation of what we are,” Barack Obama accused. “People like Putin and Kim Jong-un or Chinese President Xi say to themselves: ‘We are obviously under no pressure, we do not need to do anything for the dissidents we imprisoned or for the ethnic groups we discriminate against (… ) because no one will hold us accountable to them, “he condemns.


But “what makes me optimistic is the fact that there is a great hope across the country, especially among the youngest, who not only say they are tired of the chaotic, disorganized method,” Trump means petty, but more than willing to Address the challenges that have plagued this country for centuries, “he added.

“Our country is better, more generous and intelligent than Donald Trump can understand,” Joe Biden said.

Despite a campaign that was suddenly paralyzed in March by the pandemic and measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 that it respects to the letter and prevents it from organizing large events on the ground, the former vice president spent the last few weeks in opinion polls before Donald Trump. But there remains more than four months of a campaign that promises to be tough.

Trump’s economic progress

Winner of the Democratic primary on April 9, Joe Biden was long behind Donald Trump who is campaigning for his re-election and has been collecting money since his arrival at the White House in January 2017.

In May, Joe Biden and the Democratic Party and support funds raised nearly $ 81 million, more than the $ 74 million posted by Donald Trump and the Republican Party. But the Republican candidate could count on $ 265 million in cash, against $ 118 million for the Democrat.

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