Burundi: Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni was appointed prime minister

On the front of this magazine, a meeting that asks questions in Burundi. That of Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni as Prime Minister. Parliament’s session was boycotted by the opposition. Analysis of our colleague from RFI, specialist in Burundi, Esdras Ndikumana.

Also in summary: the aftermath of the trial against Gbagbo and Blé Goudé. What do Ivorians think of this appeal procedure that the ICC prosecutor wanted? In Abidjan, opinions are shared between supporters of the former president and victims of the post-crisis crisis.

Finally, the rebirth barrier, the obstacle of disagreement. The UN Security Council calls on Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia to find common ground. Reason for disagreement: operation of the large Nile dam, called for by Addis Ababa.